Planning a Wedding in Tauranga

Planning for the special day and finding wedding ceremony venues can be very stressful! Considering all possible outcomes like unpredictable weather and unexpected costs, which can be overwhelming. We thought we would put together a list of the things that Hotel Armitage can provide to assist couples and wedding planners, so here are 5 things to think about when choosing the perfect location for your ceremony on your special day!


The proximity from your ceremony venue to your reception venue is an important thing to think about. For a beautiful venue both inside and out, the charming Elms is easily accessible to the Hotel Armitage being located just across the street.
Considering how your guests may need to be transported between locations ensures the day will run smoothly. Will they be able to walk, or will there be plenty of parking available? At Hotel Armitage, we have a large carpark available to your guests. If your ceremony is further away there are private transport options in Tauranga such as Bethlehem Coachlines or Uzabus for transporting your guests.

just married bride and groom in a car with red interiors
A photograph of a couple in their wedding attire walking down an avenue

Having a Backup Plan

It’s vital to have a plan b for outdoor ceremonies for weather changes - What will your backup option be if it rains? Is there an indoor space available where you can easily switch to for your ceremony if the weather quickly turns? Or would you be able to put up a marquee or other form of shelter?

Wedding Photography 

How far will your ceremony be to the photography location? Are there beautiful areas onsite to capture your day? We recommend speaking to your photographer to hear their recommendations, so you can remember the day the best way. There is the rose garden across the street from the Hotel Armitage which make beautiful photos!

A wedding venue with a white picket fence

Privacy at the Venue

When thinking about location and venue, one thing you will want to consider is how private the space is and how soundproof it may be. As the last thing you would want is an interruption from outside noises or people during your ceremony. Music brings the atmosphere and shows the personality of the couple, at Hotel Armitage you have access to a great sound system where you can use your own playlist and or have a band until 10:45pm 

Choosing the Date

Could a weekday wedding be a better option? Be open to having your wedding during the week! Having a weekend wedding may seem like the obvious decision, but during the week the ceremony venues are often more available, and affordable. We can welcome and cater for you and your wedding party any time or day!

Contact our team today to hear about our amazing wedding options to ensure you make beautiful memories and your special day is everything you dreamed of! 

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